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My 30-year-old son needed coaching to help him find his way back to his purpose.


Even though I am a psychologist myself, I am too close to my son to help him. I also wanted the best for him, as like all parents, I want the best for my child. My first choice of coach for my son, Kim Carolin, exceeded all my expectations, as well as the expectations of my son. I can see a physical transformation in him, he’s face opened up, his voice is more certain and he speaks with clarity and direction. That after only 8 hours of coaching.


Thank you Kim. You have been a star!!

~ Ilze Alberts

(Psychologist and Master Demartini Method Facilitator)





A client suffering with extreme anxiety, overwhelm and claustrophobia, due to a childhood trauma.

‘I am grateful that I have learnt so many tools and insights to deal with and balance my own feelings. I am eternally grateful that I was able to work with you, you have changed my whole outlook on life.’
~ M.B


Consult 1:

The client requested a consultation on determining the true value and purpose.

‘I had many ‘aha’ moments as Kim guided me through the questions and pointed out things from my past that have obviously affected my current values. I got so much insight and clarity.’
~ V. Hammer

Consult 2:

This consultation was dedicated to clearing perceptions of shame around job loss, being fired and the clients fear of failure.

‘I had a brilliant session with you and am so glad I found the money to have the clearing facilitation. It has affected me profoundly.’
~ V. Hammer



I am at a loss for words today! Thank you seems so feeble.
I am so grateful for your gentle but persuasive ways that you used to help me leave behind the 'Demon' that has caused me so much pain for so long.
I found what I thought was very appropriate for my gratitude to you -

Looking behind, I am filled with
gratitude, looking forward,
I am filled with vision,
looking upwards I am filled
with strength, looking within,
I discover peace.
- Quero Apache Prayer

~ Lesley




Once again thank you for all your help during a very scary time. I am so grateful for all that has happened.
~ Charlott


Thank you for all your persistence - thank you for walking on the edge with me.
~ AC


You have made a world of difference - thank you.
~ PH


What was most precious about my session was you could see where I was thinking in circles. You asked questions I would not have seen myself, and helped me go to forgotten hidden places where the light has not been for a very long time!
Today was a gift to me and to my progress in realizing I am loved and I am and have enough.
Thank you for assisting me - I am content and grateful.
~ A.C.


First Consultation
I came to you very unsure and sceptical, but once inside your office which wasn't large and scattered but small and cosy I felt immediately at ease. As you asked the questions I journeyed inward, it became easier and easier to either answer or put myself into that situation. I sometimes forgot I was in the room with you. All I was doing was searching, my mind, my heart and my history for what you were asking of me. The penny started to fall and I realised "I got it". Every 'bad thing' had a flip side. Every 'weakness' built a 'strength'. Each situation I was angry at had grown and fortified me into the person I am today. If one single event/factor on my journey through life had not happened EXACTLY as it had, it would have had a domino effect on everything else. I might not have my precious children or even Paul. So life is and was exactly perfect. I just needed to see it from a different angle and not head on through angry tinted glasses.
I love that you are patient and calm. You keep it real - no stories!
The whole experience was heart wrenching, mind opening, soul searching and grossly honest.
~ N.D.

Second Consultation
When I left I felt a great mountain had been moved especially regarding my parents. It's been a daily cross that I've carried for the longest time and the release of that pressure has changed my views on everything.
The neutralisation of the Denise situation (mother in law) has also helped me apply those same approaches to other similar irritations in my life and I've found a lot of good blessings and a lot more tolerance for the way things are. I'm more at peace and anger seems further back to me, instead of my first line of defence.
I even managed to have a VERY mature, neutral conversation with my oldest daughter, something I would never have pulled off if I hadn't seen you.
Lastly thank you for handling my problems with such insight and respect.
You are an absolute gift to anyone in need and I am grateful. Thank you seems so small, but it's all I have.
~ N.D.


Have you ever thought: What I do doesn't matter, how I look doesn't matter, no-one will love or appreciate me anyway?

Now that you have read that, read it again. Deep inside, do you really believe that?

I did and with Kim's help, I don't think that way anymore. It's not easy to change your way of thinking, don't believe for one minute that it is.

I practice what we have discussed every day. I remind myself what she has taught me and I think, REALLY THINK about what is important and how to make myself happy, one little step at a time.

I have only had a few sessions, but I know that I will apply what I have learned throughout the rest of my life.

Thank you Kim, from the bottom of my heart.
~ M


I still remember my first session with Kim. It was just under a year ago and sat there lost, confused and extremely uncertain with myself. Too many things were going on within me and I couldn't understand it all.

I went to Kim with the intention to find out what was wrong with me and to fix it. Through the sessions I have had with Kim, I have learnt a great deal about myself. I have worked through many issues and after some time have come to the realisation that absolutely nothing is wrong with me and there is nothing to fix. I appreciate myself a whole lot more and have a deeper understanding about life. Now my dreams have become attainable and I know no task will be too big going forward. Thank you Kim for your insights and your help! With Love and Gratitude,
~ RB


Since the session I had with you on my partner, all that anger and frustration is gone. I just want to say thank you.
~ Antoinette


I never thought that a session could be so life changing, I feel like I have a future again, for weeks now I lost my sense of wanting to live. The session with new insights made this change and made me see the goodness of life, of myself and of a future that did no longer seem to exist.
~ Alta


After having a session with Kim I no longer felt resentful towards my sister, which I had felt for a very long time. We have rekindled our relationship and we are now sincere and honest with each other. This breakthrough experience has however also strengthened my relationship with other family members.
~ Ana


Today I saw Kim for the second time. I am so grateful that I went back for a second session. We went much deeper this time and the work started to make a lot of sense to me, primarily on two levels. Firstly in terms of finding evidence of both polarities in my life, and more importantly in terms of understanding that everything is as it ought to be. As a result thoughts that had been causing me a great deal of stress, took on a completely new meaning.

What amazed me in particular was my willingness to open up and to venture into one of the darkest places in my life. Kim, unlike many other people I've worked with, does not try to make you feel at ease. She doesn't "check in" with you. She simply focused on the work at hand. Ironically, this made me feel totally at ease.

Kim is not afraid to ask extremely challenging questions and to venture quickly to the very core of those painful thoughts. I can't wait for the next session!
~ Nicola


I have been exploring different psychological and spiritual approaches for the past 10 years. Today's work has opened up yet another interesting avenue. She has a calm and focussed presence. Whilst she provides relevant examples from her own experience, she doesn't to bring her "own stuff' into the mix. Kim does not hesitate to ask very challenging and thought-provoking questions.

I chose to explore my tendency to remain silent and avoid confrontation at all costs. Prior to my session, I considered this to be a destructive trait, with no possible benefits. Kim helped me to see another angle altogether. It was also a great eye-opener to realize who in the family had played the opposite role. I suddenly remembered my grandmother's volcanic temperament and her tendency to bring up 'taboo' subjects in public. I like the fact that the answers didn't all come to me at once and that I have food for thought. I am looking forward to this journey.
~ Maria


Wow! What a morning I had with Kim!
"The Breakthrough Experience" is so literal. That is truly the feeling I had after my first encounter and session with Kim. I felt as if my mind was opened. The need for negative and positive in each and every situation and the idea of our values being as unique as a finger print were quite a revelation to me. It all sounded so basic, yet what a feat to change life's old patterns! Yet, after experiencing that spark of light, a feeling of enlightenment, peace and reassurance after just one morning, imagine the illumination which could be reached when delving further into this concept. Thank you so much Kim.


Kim, just wanted to share with you that I went to my chiropractor today and she found an amazing shift in my body. She said she wishes she would have taken a photo of my back, neck and shoulders because the change would have been visible to the naked eye!

So thank you once again for helping me to bring about such profound changes.
~ Nicola


My marriage has recently gone through a very rough patch. I found myself feeling very angry and full of rage when in stressful situation and needed to do something before somebody, including myself got hurt. I knew if I completed some of Dr Demartini's exercises I could learn to understand why I am feeling this way and then control my anger. I was having trouble just getting to sit down, figure out my highest values and then understand the traits within me and other around me. It was then that a close friend suggested a facilitator called Kim Carolin.

Kim helped me determine my highest values and to some extent that of my partner. Once I had an idea of our values we used the Quantum Collapse Process to understand how different traits affect our values, ie. the benefits and drawbacks, not only to myself but also to the people that are part of my life at home, my professional and social network. The process is a continuous one and now that I have an understanding of the process by using a facilitator I can try to deal with emotions in a non-destructive manner. Thanks Kim, really appreciate your help and guidance.
~ Kabir


Your session has given me better insight on my values and I was able to show appreciation and count my blessings.
~ Marlene


I came to the session with a frustrating charge... a teenager daughter that I think is not working to her full potential on an academic level. I had some insight into the methodology Kim uses but was not sure at all as to how the session was going to unfold. As we worked through the questions, it was quite unbelievable how things started to unfold and how I began to understand things from a totally new perspective. It was as if a light had been put on! By the end of the session I felt that the collapse process had been very effective. I now had some tools I could work with.

I never felt pressurised during the session at all. It was a relaxing, non-judgmental atmosphere. Thank you Kim!
~ Tracy


I was just reflecting on the year that was and I thought of you. Just wanted you to know that I am doing well. Thank you for taking me through the Demartini Method. It has helped me have a more balanced outlook on life, and has helped me get less triggered by external events. It is definitely a powerful tool. Thank you for assisting me during a very difficult time, I am really grateful.
~ Seshnee


"I arrived at you yesterday with what could have been termed "the end of the road". Ironically enough I took a day's leave to go for Kinesiology and to have myself tested for ADD. In hindsight I now know that these events don't occur haphazardly.

My Pilates instructor referred me to you, and I thought well, I have nothing to lose. Quite honestly I was not expecting much. I arrived at you with an issue that has taken over my entire life. I lived it for, practically, every moment of my life. To such a degree that I was on ADD, OCD and Bi-Polar medication just in order to get by. All I did was mask the real issues and dulled my brain. It felt like a growth in my head and, at times I just wanted to rip it out. I considered suicide to rid myself of it. I knew in order to benefit fully, from the issue that I had to be 100% honest and mention even the most seemingly, trivial things. I felt very comfortable with you from the get-go and I appreciate the fact that you never for one moment, judged me. This was something new. I felt like we were actually working through my current issues step by step. With your guiding, leading and supporting me when I needed it most. (this sounded like the lyrics of a song)

Very soon into the session the penny dropped, things automatically fell into place. It was very unexpected and it seemed so easy and like common sense. I still find it inexplicable and I cannot explain to people how it works. I can, however, testify that it works.

After almost 12 months of struggling, I am free! I want to cry of happiness and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for you freeing me and giving my life back to me. Not only do I feel like my own self I feel better. I feel improved on a much deeper level. I now realise that this was a necessary path I had to take in order for me to grow. The issue that took over my life has disappeared like mist before the sun. It feels like a dream, as if it never ever happened.

I will definitely see you again to work through some other issues such as boarding school, Pete, and the loss of my mom. Today I know one thing for sure, that is I am a better person for having met you. For that I am grateful and I thank God for leading me to you.
~ Jans


Thank you so much for yesterday, I feel better. Last evening he came over to me to find out how it was and under the influence again. I told him I am not chatting to him when he is in that state. I was so calm and when I woke up this morning was also calm not in a state. I was just thinking of my session in the afternoon.
~ Lisa


You have definitely helped me see and understand things in a positive, helpful, life enhancing way.
~ Caroline


I like that I have lots to think about and ponder after a session and that I am getting an understanding not just solutions.
~ Sue


As always, I really learned from your workshop. I found the workshop to be well presented and with great insights. The time given to each individual was sufficient and learning from each other was great. I appreciated the fact that you went to great lengths to explain the concepts and broaden our understanding.
~ RB


I am so grateful to you for your hard work with me on Saturday. The issue I wanted to work on was not easy, but you persevered and made sure I saw the other side. The fact that you wouldn't give up made such a difference and when I left I felt a lot calmer and more in control.

I really enjoyed the little "gems" you gave us throughout the workshop and look forward to solving more issues with your help.

You are a real blessing in my life. Much love.
~ M



Thank you for going through with me in the Demartini method. One of the beautiful lessons was the clarity of the life lived in equanimity. In my knowledge of Vedic literature, we refer to it as the state of cosmic conciousness. I learnt an amazing skill of transcending all perceptions from all the senses at any state of conciousness.

You spoke on the most subtle level and you connected with us as a group. It was the first time I felt myself being present at all times. Thank you very much Kim, your teachings were so profound and clear, I was fully awake at every step of the gruelling questions. All the questions helped me to understand my wife more clearly and appreciate her. Our differences make us a perfect match. I am so grateful to have attended your sessions.
~ Kulani


Thank you so much for the experience it was truly enlightening. It opened my eyes to a new way of perceiving people and occurrences in my life. I am now able to view the benefit of certain circumstances that I deemed in a negative light.

Before our meeting a certain cloud hung over myself with regards to specific events and people. I saw the events a having burdened me with a bad experience and the people having a 'hold' on me. But now I see that hold was mentally placed by myself. I held those events in a bad light and felt they negatively affected me.

During the meeting I began to realize the support I had in those situations. I began to see the positive side and effect those situations had on my life. I saw the benefit which opened my mind to a new way of thinking.

After the session I felt more grateful for those people in my life as well as those situations and experiences as they taught me things I would not otherwise have learnt as well as exposing me to other beneficial experiences I would not have had.

And to you I am grateful for helping me to see this, so thank you.
~ B.C

Business / Vocational consultations

I came here feeling stuck in a rut. I've been down and demotivated with my job specifically, and everything else in general. I was feeling unhappy about where I am, and where I think I should be. I didn't have the energy to try and set new goals or to even think about goals anymore.
I expected the solution to be a huge and drastic change that would take a very long time to work on.

During the session I started to realize that everything I thought I wanted, and the things I believe will bring me fulfillment are actually all available right where I am. My perspective shifted, and I started seeing the possibilities of finding fulfillment, making a difference and growing right where I am.

I left feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am motivated and I can't wait to begin working on the mini steps we've set.
I set a new exciting goal during the session and I am prepared for the challenge and excitement.

I still feel exhausted from all the thinking and stressing from the past few weeks, but I definitely have a sense of direction now! (Which I felt I had lost along the way)

I can't wait to do better and be better. I will keep you posted!

Thank you once again!
~ M.T
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