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Kim specialises in human behaviour. She utilises The Demartini Method® to help her clients gain a new perspective and paradigm for living and thinking when faced with a challenge - and transform any form of stress or conflict into a more balanced perspective. Kim is dedicated to maximising human awareness and potential in individuals. Awareness = Potential.

It has been stated that Genuine Wealth represents all the things that make our lives meaningful – those things that resonate with our true nature and holistic being. Genuine wealth occurs when we are in touch with our highest core values, our complete life assets, and our full awareness and potential. By determining your truest nature you can access your genuine wealth.

The Demartini Method® developed by Dr. John Demartini is a scientific process that balances perceptions and emotions. It is being used by many psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, educators, consultants and health professionals across the world. The Demartini Method is a tool with 1000 uses for empowering and inspiring life and its applications include reducing stress, resolving conflict and creating new perspectives and paradigms for life.
One-on-one Consultations
Through private consultation with Kim, you will:
  • Overcome emotions and mental blocks that are holding you back.
  • Learn that by clearing your mind you will clear head noise, and feel gratitude, certainty and presence.
  • Determine, and become clear about, your unique values and purpose.
  • Be given a tool to empower all areas of life.
  • Understand true wealth and prosperity in relation to your unique value system.
  • Find the hidden blessings in a crisis.
  • Overcome your challenges, dissolve your emotions and learn the art of leaving your baggage behind.

During a private consultation Kim will teach you how to transcend limitations such as resentment, shame, guilt, fear and infatuations - thereby giving you clarity, understanding and certainty going forward.

In what situations is this method helpful?

  • Relationship conflicts and family dynamics.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Traumatic events and memories.
  • Shame, guilt and self loathing.
  • Fears and phobias.
  • Divorce and separation.
  • Anger, resentment and frustration.
  • Loss of a loved one, relationship, parent or child, job or business.
  • General life challenges.

Corporate / Business

Do you have employees who are not motivated and not reaching targets?
Are your employees' personal problems interfereing with their productivity?
Is there strife between managers and workers?
Would you like to have a workforce that is achieving personal goals while simultaneously working toward the company vision?

During individual sessions with employees, Kim assists each employee to identify their core values.
  • Overcome personal challenges which may be impacting productivity.
  • Link individual values to the company's Mission and Vision.
  • As a result, the employee will have a greater sense of self-worth, and display a marked increase in productivity, while simultaneously achieving personal fulfillment.


Do you fear, or wish for divorce?
Are you uncertain about a relationship?
Do you resent your partner for something they have or haven't done?
Are you frustrated because your child is not working to their full potential?
Are you challenged by your teenagers?
Would you like to resolve a family conflict?
If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, Kim can help you to overcome these challenges by giving you a new perspective and a new paradigm of thinking – and in so doing, bring about more harmonious relationships.

Grief and Loss

Are you grieving over the loss of a:
Loved one?

Grief and loss can be all-consuming for weeks, months or years. Through a cognitive process - a systematic set of pre-determined mental questions, grief and loss can be transformed in a short space of time, bringing the individual's conscious mind to emotional stability.

Individual challenges

Fear, guilt, shame, resentment and infatuation.

What fears are holding you back from living authentically ?
The fear of failure and criticism?
A fear of breaking the morals or ethics of a spiritual or religious authority?
Fear of gaining or losing family, loved ones or partners?
Fear of rejection?
Fear of not making, or having, enough money?
Fear of not being intelligent or educated enough?
Fear of not having enough energy and vitality?
Fear that you are not physically attractive enough?

Kim will show you how to transform and transcend any of these limiting emotions and perceptions. Whatever you transcend gives you power and confidence. Making decisions that are congruent to your highest values is liberating and empowering. Overcoming personal challenges simultaneously is the key to your genuine wealth and collective wellbeing in all areas of life.

Transform your thinking around challenging events - book a consultation with Kim at kimcarolin@netactive.co.za
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Consultations may be done individually, in small groups, via Skype®, or telephonically.

Small Group Consultations
A full day workshop, designed to neutralise emotional charges, balances mental and physical reactions, clears the mind and offers a new perspective and paradigm for life. The result is less head-noise and an inner state of equanimity. During the one-day workshop you will gain an understanding of 'axiology' - determining and understanding your unique values; and 'teleology' - the study of purpose, in relation to your specific value system.

'Our values are what distinguish us.'

Kim's aim during these workshops is that each person determines and understands their highest values (what is most meaningful to them); overcome whatever the greatest obstacle is standing in their way of living a masterful life; and will leave with a life tool to overcome any challenges that may arise.

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