'The most depraved human is one without a purpose' 
Ayn Rand


Viktor E. Frankl  author of  'Man's Search for Meaning' writes about surviving four concentration camps. He states 'the one thing no one can take from you is how you choose to react in a situation. 'No one can take your inner freedom.'
He writes 'There is a way to find meaning in every moment'
Ray Dalio the founder of Bridgewater, the 5th largest hedge fund in America writes in his book Principals, 'ones inner principals or values are what drive ones meaningful existence.'
Tony Robins, self made billionaire and philanthropist talks about the 6 basic needs  'What is most meaningful to you is inherit in your 6 basic needs.'

For many of us, the global Covid -19 challenge has brought about a cataclysmic shift in what we value. Things that were once important may now be less important. Things that you once had security in may now seem very insecure. I advise clients to re- look at their own unique, individual hierarchy of values by doing the On- line, Demartini Value Determination Process. It is free and eye opening in accuracy, revealing with certainty how to once again determine and activate meaning and purpose in your life.

It is possible by getting really objective about your situation to find new meaning, let go of fantasies (using the Demartini Method) of how you wish things were or used to be, and ask a simple question. How is this current situation helping me, how is it serving me in my unique values, how is it helping me on my way and not standing in my way?
Don't allow mental blocks, keep asking these questions until you can see with certainty the meaning in your current situation. No event is lopsided, every event has a balance, an upside and down side. Build and destroy are necessary for evolution, it gives us the ability to adapt and realise the potential for new meaningful opportunities and moments. Don't give up, find the benefits and meaning in your current challenges. When you do, your immune system strengthens, you more resilient to health challenges, energy levels soar and your general well being is enhanced.