My 30-year-old son needed coaching to help him find his way back to his purpose. Even though I am a psychologist myself, I am too close to my son to help him. I also wanted the best for him, as like all parents, I want the best for my child. My first choice of coach for my son, Kim Carolin, exceeded all my expectations, as well as the expectations of my son. I can see a physical transformation in him, he’s face opened up, his voice is more certain and he speaks with clarity and direction. That after only 8 hours of coaching.

Thank you Kim. You have been a star!!

~ Ilze Alberts

(Psychologist and Master Demartini Method Facilitator)




Kim, just wanted to share with you that I went to my chiropractor today and she found an amazing shift in my body. She said she wishes she would have taken a photo of my back, neck and shoulders because the change would have been visible to the naked eye!

So thank you once again for helping me to bring about such profound changes.
~ Nicola