Stress the inability to adapt to a changing environment


Through the Covid 19 challenge and lock down I am continuing to serve clients through Zoom, Skype, face time and whats app video calls. All virtual consults are offered at a discounted rate to assist you in adapting to a changing environment.

I am dedicated to assisting my clients overcome their greatest personal or professional challenges in order to live more meaningful and purposeful lives.

At the beginning of our lock down I was asked to consult with a client who described himself as
31 and broke! 
Lock down has been the perfect time for this gentleman to dissolve his perceptions of resentment, self minimization, blame, betrayal and anxiety. During our consults he realised the potential to work with his ex boss, the person he once deeply resented. He now clearly understands the power of values and how to effectively communicate in another persons' values. Importantly we dissolved his perceptions of self minimisation - feeling 'less than' which was directly connected to his fears and anxieties. He reported his anger and 'out of control'  behavior quietened when he realised everything that had happened to him was helping him on his way and not standing in his way.
Unfulfilled highest values leads to anger, aggression, blame, betrayal, desperation and depression, he was suffering from a few of these.
He now knows with crystal clarity his top 3 highest values. He knows what he would love to do and sees how the job he has been doing has been helping him all along to be the entrepreneur he envisions. 

My job was to help him get clear on his values, show him his next steps, break any unrealistic fantasies, keep him in a mental state of equanimity, show him how to take action steps in the direction of his highest values, without having unrealistic expectations on others or himself. 
This gentleman through careful thoughtful questioning, discovered his unique edge in his industry and how he can contribute and serve, doing what he loves.

Dear clients, in the darkest moments of your life, the most beautiful gifts emerge. It takes a mindful moment to bring them into your awareness which brings you to the highest level of adaptability and resilience.