Stress the inability to adapt to a changing environment


There are two types of stress; Eu-stress and Distress
This is stress you choose. When you identify what is most important to you, and you set sail in the direction of making decisions to fulfill your highest values you are embracing like a magnet both sides of life, the positive and the negative, the pain and the pleasure, the challenge and the support. Embracing the dualities of life in pursuit of a cause greater than yourself or because something is meaningful to you is known as Eu-stress.
Eu-stress is the ability to live and make decisions objectively, with a balanced orientation. When you on purpose your energy soars, your immune system rallies and your concurrency and objectivity opens the door to creativity and innovation. 

Distress - means the inability to adapt to a changing environment. It means not living on purpose or with meaning, and is often demonstrated by  subordinating what is most important to you, imposing someone else's values or priorities onto you, doing what you think you should do, ought to do or have to do, instead of what you would love to or choose to do. Sacrificing yourself for someone else values is suicide, its living with un-fulfillment.

In these changing times I have had the opportunity to work with clients who are experiencing dis-stress out of uncertainty.
By understanding what their emotions are telling them, bringing balance to lopsided perceptions, seeing the order in the perceived chaos, brings certainty. It is how you take the next step. Certainty and uncertainty are two sides of the same coin. We can all see the current global health and economic situation looks uncertain, but have you taken time to look carefully  in your own life and beyond where is certainty showing up now? How is the new form of certainty pointing you in the direction of your North Star?
The law of conservation states 'energy is neither gained or lost, only transformed" 
Look where certainty has transformed in your life and let that be your next step in building and resuming order, adaptability and resilience in these changing times.

Dr Demartini says - At the apex of duality the light appears and so to in this apparent time of crisis, beautiful gifts, innovation and opportunities emerge. it just takes a mindful moment to bring both the challenge and support into balance in your mind.